LIVE is more than guidelines and rules, it is a way of thinking. To be sustainable means applying sustainable thinking to the vineyard, employees and customers as well. If what you are doing is not sustainable for all three legs of this stool then it will not endure. I love to mention during sales trips that our vineyard is also Salmon-Safe! The exception to this is our Pinot Noir which is just delicious with salmon!

Mary Olson, Airlie Winery

General Inquiries

215 Doaks Ferry Road
PO Box 5185
Salem, OR 97304

503.396.4094 (phone)
503.396.4163 (fax)

Chris Serra Executive Director

503.396.4094 x1

Abby Cullinan Winery Certification Program Manager

503.396.4094 x2

Bill Hanson Chair

Owner of Libra Vineyards and National Sales Manager at Stoller Vineyards

Chad Vargas Vice Chair

Vineyard Manager and Viticulturalist of Adelsheim Vineyard

Edward Fus Treasurer

Owner of Three Angels Vineyard

Barbara Bond Secretary

Owner of Bois Joli Vineyard

Jason Tosch Vineyard Technical Officer

Vineyard Manager of Anne Amie Vineyards

Don Crank III Winery Technical Officer

Assistant Winemaker at Willamette Valley Vineyards

Mimi Casteel

Vineyard Manager of Bethel Heights Vineyard

Chris Lake

Director of the Southern Oregon Wine Institute at Umpqua Community College

Kevin Corliss

Director of Vineyard Operations for Ste Michelle Wine Estates

Dan Kent Ex-officio

Salmon-Safe Managing Director

Vicky Scharlau Ex-officio

Executive Director of Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers

Tom Danowski Ex-Officio

Executive Director of the Oregon Wine Board

Moya Shatz Dolsby Ex-officio

Executive Director of the Idaho Wine Commission