About Certification

LIVE vineyard members must complete two years of successful participation in the program in order to obtain Certified status. Only those members who have achieved LIVE certification are shown below. Certification involves adherence to international standards of integrated production in the vineyard, as well as third-party verification of these practices. If you are a LIVE member and you believe your vineyard should be included below, please contact info@liveinc.org.

LIVE Certified Vineyards

45th Parallel
Adelsheim - Anna Louise Vineyard
Adelsheim - Boulder Bluff, Quarter Mile Lane, Bryan Creek
Adelsheim - Calkins Lane Vineyard
Adelsheim - Ribbon Springs Vineyard
Aguila Vineyard
Airlie - Dunn Forest Vineyard
Alexeli Vineyard
Allison Inn and Spa
Alloro Vineyard
Amity Vineyards
Andante Vineyard
Andreas Vineyards
Anindor Vineyard (Pace Family Vineyards)
Anna Marie Vineyard
Anne Amie Vineyards - Estate
Anne Amie Vineyards - Twelve Oaks
Apolloni Vineyards
ArborBrook Vineyard
Archery Summit - Arcus Estate
Archery Summit - Estate/Renegade/Johnson
Archery Summit - Looney Vineyard
Archery Summit - Red Hills Estate
Argyle Winery - Holstein Vineyard
Argyle Winery - Knudsen Vineyards
Argyle Winery - Lone Star Vineyard
Argyle Winery - Spirit Hill
Aurora Vineyard
Avellana Vineyard
Ayres Vineyard
Bald Peak Vineyard
Battle Creek Vineyard
Beacon Hill Vineyard
BeckenRidge Vineyard
Bella Vida Vineyard
Bethel Heights / Justice Vineyard
Bieze Vineyard
Bishop Creek Farms
Bitner Vineyards
Bjornson Vineyard
Blakeslee Vineyard Estate
Bob Healy Vineyard
Bois Joli Vineyard
Bradenview Vineyard
Bramble Hill Vineyard
Brandborg Vineyard and Winery
Burnt Tree Vineyard
Buttonfield Vineyard
Cancilla Vineyard
Carabella Vineyard
Cardwell Hill Vineyards
Carlton Hill Vineyard
Carter Vineyard
Chamberland Vineyards, Inc.
Chapelton Hills Vineyard
Chehalem - Corral Creek Vineyard
Chehalem - Ridgecrest Vineyard
Chehalem - Wind Ridge Vineyard
Chehalem Mountain Vineyard
Cherry Grove Vineyard
Cherry Hill Vineyard
Coats and Whitney Vineyard
Coelho Vineyard
Crawford Beck Vineyard
Cristom Vineyards
Davis Creek Vineyard
DePonte Cellars
Dion Vineyard
Doe Ridge Vineyard
Domaine Drouhin Oregon
Domaine Margelle
Domaine Serene - Abbey Oaks
Domaine Serene - Estate Vineyard
Domaine Serene - Jerusalem Hill Vineyards
Domaine Serene - Legacy Hill
Domaine Serene - Triple Crown
Domaine Serene - Two Barns
Domaine Serene - Winery Hill Vineyard
Double River Vineyard
Dugger Creek Vineyard
Dukes Family Vineyard
Dylan's Run Vineyard
Echo Ridge Vineyard
Élevée Vineyard
Ellis Vineyard
Elton Vineyards
Esterling Vineyards
Fairsing Vineyard
Farmer Road Vineyard
Feltz Vineyard
Fennwood Vineyard
Ferguson Ridge Vineyard
Fir Crest Vineyard
Firdale Vineyard
Firesteed - Erratic Oaks Vineyard
Firesteed Estate
Foley Vineyard
Ford's Vineyard
Four Graces Estate
Francisca's Vineyard
Gemini Vineyards
Ghost Hill Cellars - Bayliss Vineyard
Goschie Farms
Gran Moraine
Green Acres Vineyards
Hard Row to Hoe Vineyards
Havlin Vineyard
Helmick Hill Vineyard
Holmes Gap Vineyard
Hoodview Vineyard
Howell Prairie Vineyard
Hoy Vineyard
Huntington Hill Vineyards
Illahe Vineyard
Ingram Lane Vineyard
Irvine Vineyards
Jacob Hart Vineyard
Jean Ray Vineyards
Jubilee Vineyards
Kalita Vineyard
Keeler Estate Vineyard
Kiff Vineyard
Kirsten Rose Vineyard
Kittyhawk Vines
Kramer Vineyards
La Cantera
La Colina Vineyard / La Sierra Vineyard
La Dolce Vita Vineyards
Lange Vineyard
Layne Vineyard
Lazy River Vineyard
Le Cadeau Vineyard
Left Coast Vineyards
Les Collines Vineyard
Lewman Vineyard
Libra Vineyard
Lillie's Vineyard
Lobenhaus Vineyard
Lonesome Rock Ranch
Madrona Hill Vineyard
Mae's Vineyard
Mahonia Vineyards
Margaret's Vineyard
Marsh Vineyards
McClellan Estates
McQueen Vineyard
Menefee Vineyards
Meredith Mitchell Vineyard
Meridian Estate Vineyard
Merriman Vineyard
Methven Family Vineyards
Minnick Hills Vineyard
Murphy Family Vineyard
Naches Heights Vineyard
Nicholas Vineyard
Noble Estate
Northridge Farm
Northwest Wine Studies Center Vineyard (Chemeketa)
Octave Vineyard
Old School Vineyard
Oracle Vineyard
Overlook Vineyard
Palmer Creek Vineyard
Paradis Vineyard
Patton Valley Vineyard
Pearl Vineyard
Pelos Sandberg Vineyard
Penner-Ash Estate Vineyard
Pepper Bridge Vineyard
Pepper Bridge Winery Estate
Pheasant Hill Vineyard
Ponzi Vineyards Estate
Quail Run Vineyards - Crater View
Quail Run Vineyards - El Playboy Ranch
Quail Run Vineyards - Fortmiller Ranch
Quail Run Vineyards - Griffin Creek/Lakeside/Sundown
Quail Run Vineyards - Panner/Hanson
Quail Run Vineyards - Pleasant View Ranch
Quail Run Vineyards - Quail Run Vineyard
Rain Dance Vineyard
Rainbow Ridge Vineyard
Rambouillet Vineyard
Redman Vineyard
Rex Hill Vineyard
Ribbon Ridge Vineyard
Rocky Hill Vineyard
ROCO Wits' End Vineyard
Roe Vineyard
Roshni Vineyard
Russell-Grooters Vineyard
Saffron Fields
Sams Valley Vineyard
Satori Springs Vineyard
Schindler Vineyard
Serenade Vineyard
Seven Hills Vineyard
Seven Hills West
Seven Springs Vineyard
Sheppard Vineyards & Hazelnuts
Sims Vineyard
SJR Vineyard
Soter - Mineral Springs Vineyard
Southern Oregon Wine Institute
Southwind/Middleton Family Wines
St. Josef's
Ste Michelle Wine Estates - Canoe Ridge Vineyard
Ste Michelle Wine Estates - Cold Creek Vineyard
Ste Michelle Wine Estates - Northstar Estate Vineyard
Steelhead Run Vineyard
Stoller Vineyard
Stone Ridge Vineyard
Stone Valley Vineyards
Stonefield Vineyard
StoneRiver Vineyards
Strand Vineyard
Sufi Vineyard
Summit View Vineyard
Sunland Vineyard
Sunnyside Vineyard
Terrarossa Vineyard
The Potter's Vineyard
Three Angels Vineyard
Timbale & Thyme
Tonnelier Vineyard
Torii Mor - Olson Vineyard
Troon Vineyard
Trout Lily Ranch
Tualatin Estates
Tukwilla Vineyard
Tulip Valley Winery - Abberin Vineyard
Two Coyote Vineyard
Two Mules Vineyards Estate
Upchurch Vineyard
Van Duzer Vineyards
Varner-Traul Vineyards
Vidon Vineyard
Vineyards of River's Edge
Vista Hills Vineyard
Volcano Ridge Vineyard
Wake Robin Vineyards
Waldo Hills Vineyard
Waliser Vineyard
Walnut Ridge Vineyard
Waterbrook Estate Vineyard
Watermill Estate Vineyard
White Bluffs 2
White Bluffs Vineyard
White Space Vineyard
WillaKenzie Estate
WillaKenzie Estate - Jory Hills Vineyard
Willakia Vineyard
Willamette Valley Vineyards - Willamette Estate Vineyard
Wilson Vineyard
Winderlea Vineyard
Windrow Vineyards
Winter's Hill Vineyard
Woodward Canyon Vineyard
Wooldridge Creek Vineyard
XL Vineyard
Yakima Valley Vintners
Yellow Jacket Vineyard
Youngberg Hill Vineyards & Inn
Zena Crown (East)
Zena Crown (West)
Zenith Vineyard